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Tree Illnesses as Dissected by Tree Removal Experts

Common Diseases of Trees and How to Treat Them

Keeping your trees in good shape can add thousands to the price of your property. Without a better term, it is safe to state that trees encounter a wide range of dangers that might stunt their development, alter them in undesirable ways, or even cause their demise. Having a basic notion of what to ask for and how much tree removal service companies often charge could be helpful. What triggers tree diseases and what can be done about them are also points of contention.

Canker Diseases

Cytospora canker, a fungal disease spread by insects, is devastating to many tree species. These crevices and fissures are ideal breeding grounds for the bacteria and fungi that cause cankers on trees. The infected branch must be cut off from the fungus, which necessitates the installation of a barrier. Careful placement, winter security, thick bark, and quick removal of problematic limbs can all considerably increase a tree’s longevity.


The anthracnose fungus can infect deciduous trees. Infected plants have tiny black dots all over their leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits. When air or soil moisture content is typically greater in the spring, anthracnose fungi have a simpler time migrating and invading new hosts. This is because anthracnose is a fungal disease. When the only damage done by anthracnose is superficial and not lethal, then there is no need to restore anything.

Phytophthora Root Rot

Plants in wet, low-lying locations are more vulnerable to Phytophthora root rot. The leaves of the trees will start to wilt, develop a hazy yellow tone, and finally wrinkle as the temperature rises. Though there is currently no cure for root rot, it can be prevented via regular upkeep. Watering needs to be consistent if you plant trees in low locations or near drains.

If left undetected, these illnesses can force you to have trees removed. If you live in the Glen Head, NY area and need dependable tree removal service from Tree Service Nassau NY Corp to get this tough task done, call (516) 461-4865.

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