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Hiring a Quality Tree Service for Tree Removal

Reasons You May Need Tree Removal Services

We are aware that there may be a variety of reasons why a tree may need to be removed from your property by a high-quality tree service. The less likely it is that damage will be done to people or property, the sooner you should get a hazardous tree removed. Fruit-bearing trees can also be an annoyance because they drop fruit or attract insects, and dead or dying trees can serve as a haven for various pests and animals that may try to live inside your house. Here are some reasons you may want to remove trees:

Storm Damage

Hurricanes, ice storms, snowstorms, and strong winds can knock down a tree and break off its limbs, causing damage to your home, fences, sheds, and cars and even injuring people.

Severe Weather Changes

Swings between very cold and warm weather, particularly in the fall and spring, can seriously harm trees, especially heavier branches, increasing the likelihood that they would collapse during a storm.

Root Expansion

As a tree gets older, the roots will continue to grow, which can uplift concrete, roadways, or pathways.

Insect or Critter Damage

A tree may become home to insects and other creatures over time, and the tree may eventually perish as the years pass. Whatever was residing in the dead tree will now search for a new residence and might, as a result, relocate into your house.

The Spotted Lantern Fly

Over the past few years, an invasive species that may destroy New Jersey’s crops and hardwood trees has spread more widely. Another invasive species, the Tree of Paradise, is their preferred habitat. The easiest strategy to stop the proliferation of spotted lanternflies on your property may be to remove any Tree of Heavens present.

Dead Trees

Once a tree dies, there is no other recourse but to take it down.

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